Front Room Update with Lorena Canals

We have a random room right when you walk into our house that I have never been sure what to do with. For 3 years, it has just been a catch all, eye sore type of room. We kept the girls toys in there, but I was sick of having them out everywhere, so I decided it was time for a change! I have Lorena Canals rugs in both Saylor and Remi’s room, and I am obsessed with them. They are not just darling rugs, but I LOVE that they can be thrown in the washing machine. They have held up so well over the few years that I have had them, so I love that too!


Winter in Moab at Homewood Suites by Hilton Moab

Guys…I fell in love with Moab! I had never been and we took a trip there last week and are already planning to go back ASAP. It is only about 3 hours away from us, so we are super lucky. We chose to stay at Homewood Suited by Hilton Moab and it was the PERFECT for us. The best location, best view, best room…I can’t say enough good things! Here are some photos of and at the hotel…

Another great thing they have available in Moab is called Winter in Moab. It is a program to keep people coming during the lower season (winter months), and gives you discounts on really awesome things to do. The companies they partner with range from ATV’s, many restaurants, different events, even a massage company! It is a great resource for consumers, and also helps the local community. We went and did the Delicate Arch hike during our stay, and it was about 50 degrees and so beautiful! There are so many incredible places to see and things to do in Moab, and I would not let any season deter you from visiting!


My Place Hotel St. George

I am so excited to tell you about a fun trip we took last month…as a family! It was so much fun to be able to head south to some *slightly* warmer weather and spend time together as a family. I love St. George, we have gone there a few times and always want to go back! It is only about a 4 hour drive from us, so it really is the perfect getaway spot for us. 

This trip we decided to stay at the My Place Hotel, St. George location. We loved the room sizes, the pool (which is heated!), and the location of it. They have an affordable breakfast option that gets delivered to your room, which was a big deciding factor as well! The girls loved the pool so much, it has a cute little palm tree fountain and some other water things that they really enjoyed. It has a great, large outdoor area that is perfect for just hanging out or having dinner.


Staycation at the Little America Hotel

Hi! Long time no talk…oops! I wanted to share a fun staycation we recently had at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City. It was the perfect getaway, very family friendly, and such a beautiful hotel. We wanted to get away with the girls, somewhere close, and somewhere that would be comfortable for us as a family. I saw that the Little America Hotel had this Getaway Package, and knew that it would be perfect for us!


Our room had two queen beds, and was on the 17th floor. Look at that view from our balcony!


The main level/lobby area of the hotel is beautiful. It has a historic feel, and there are so many rich, warm colors. Saylor particularly loved the oversized chandelier and fire.


We were welcome with a nice fruit platter and a fun gift bag! Saylor loved that small gesture and felt very special that she had some “gifts” waiting in our room for her. We especially loved the brunch buffet at the Lucky H Bar & Grille, and had a yummy dinner from the Coffee Shop that was equally as delicious. Don’t mind Saylor’s crazy wig, it is Halloween season, after all.



Remi is teething so she wasn’t much fun, to be honest haha! She spent most of her time in the hotel room (which thankfully was plenty big), and running the halls to try and burn off energy. Saylor loved the grand staircase and touches of Halloween (see floral arrangement), and the big bathtub! The Little America Hotel was the perfect staycation for my little family, and I see us returning in the future! If you are traveling to Utah, definitely give them a stay.


I had a fun little photoshoot outside one morning. Even the grounds of the hotel are beautiful and very well maintained. Also never getting over this view! I am already looking forward to our next staycation there 🙂




Getting Summer Ready with Aveeno Baby Suncare

This is a sponsored post, but all opinions are my own.

Can you believe summer is already here?! I know in some places, it has already arrived. Here in Utah we have gotten a few teases of warm weather, but we have been enjoying some nice spring weather. Being a mom of young kids, I am ultra aware of sun protectant, now more than I ever have been. I want to protect their sensitive skin, and I have realized that you can get a sunburn even in 70 degree weather!

Picking a sunscreen was always stressful to me. There are so many choices, and they all claim to be the best, do the best job, most affordable, non-irritating…I could go on and on. You know what I am talking about. All I know is that my babies have sensitive skin and I try to use good products that don’t contain a bunch of junk on them.

I have personally used Aveeno lotion on myself for years, so when I found out they made a natural, mineral based sun blocker, I had to get on board! It is a 100% zinc-oxide UVA/UVB mineral protection, and also hypoallergenic. I picked mine up at Walmart. It comes in a 2 pack, which is super convenient because we go through sunscreen like crazy over here. The bottles are the perfect size…keep one in my diaper bag, one in the car, take it to the park, etc!

What I have also noticed about this sunscreen from Aveeno after using it a few times is that it actually helps my girl’s dry skin. Particularly Remi, she has really dry, sensitive skin. It seems to act as a lotion, and soothes and nourishes their skin by locking in the moisture. I never knew I needed that it a sun protectant!

The formula of this lotion is really great, also. It isn’t super thick, and it is easy to rub in and doesn’t leave you feeling like a complete grease ball. I like that it comes in a 2 pack, it saves you money in the long run! Be sure to head to your local Walmart and pick up the AVEENO® Baby CONTINUOUS PROTECTION Sunscreen Lotion with Broad Spectrum SPF 50 and use the Ibotta offer and get $3 off.






Half Bath Update with

When we moved into our house just over 2 years ago, everything was pretty standard. Most of the finishes were builder grade, so it allowed us to put our own touch on things. Troy and I are NOT handy people, so it took some time finding the right people to do the jobs we needed. Even if they were as simple as changing a faucet out, lol!

I found while doing my usual browsing of home improvements and interior design on Instagram. You can find the best inspiration on there! I was immediately drawn to the bright and modern style of I also saw that they are based out of Chico, CA, which is super close to where I am from in Northern California! Such a random connection, and I love anything that makes me feel nostalgic about home.

Here are some before photos of our downstairs half bath…


I just realized these photos were after we had started doing some upgrades! We added shiplap as an accent wall, which was completely plain before. It was just grey with a standard oval mirror. I love how shiplap looks, and it adds the right amount of pop to the small bathroom.

I knew the brushed nickel fixtures had to go…like yesterday. I was choosing between a black or gold finish, but I ultimately decided that black was more timeless, and if we ever decide to sell, future buyers would appreciate matte black more than gold. had a wide selection of fixtures in black, and I fell in love with matte and knew that was the right choice! Because our pedestal sink is so small, a normal soap bottle doesn’t even fit on the side. It was important to me to have a one handed temperature control, so it would free up some space on the sides of the faucet. All of that criteria lead me to THIS beautiful matte black faucet by Delta. It was just what I was looking for.


It left me with the perfect amount of space on either side, so I can actually fit a soap bottle, yay! That was my biggest concern, because it was so annoying having to drip across the floor. I love how the matte finish looks against the flat white paint of the shiplap. I found a basic circle mirror with a thin matte black border from Target, and I knew that it would match perfectly. The mirror sells out often, so keep checking back if that is the case. You can get it HERE.

Another thing that needed to be upgraded was the light fixture. Say no to brushed nickel! Again, I wanted to stay on track with the matte black theme, and I thought I would like the globes around the light bulbs to be clear glass. I was also looking at 3 bulb options…which let me to THIS simple beauty. This fixture from Progress Lighting is also very affordable and that is hard to find sometimes! It all looks like it just came that way and I absolutely love how it all flows together.


I also wanted a small piece of art to put in the empty space next to the window. I was looking for it to be neutral and calming, nothing too crazy. I found a perfect sized picture from Target (of course), and loved the light wooden frame. It is THIS watercolored palm leaf photo from their new Project 62 line. It fits perfect!

Thank you to for sponsoring this post, and for carrying an amazing selection of products. Be sure to check them out for all your home improvement needs!







Spring Favorites & Wish List

My wardrobe has been SERIOUSLY lacking lately, so I have been doing a lot of (window) shopping. I want to throw all my clothes away and start fresh. Does anyone else feel that way? Is it the change in fashion, the season change, or do my clothes just suck? Or all of the above. While going through my closet I have found that I hold on to things, for who knows why. I guess I tell myself that I will wear it one of these days, and with many things, that day never comes. My new rule is if I haven’t worn it in the last year, it needs to go. I have been selling on Poshmark lately, and have really liked it. It is super easy.

Here are some things I either recently purchased, am going to purchase, or really want to purchase. Enjoy!

 I’ve been loving western belts & this one from Urban is so cute. Shop it HERE.

 These are my favorite summer sandals for Say. Shop them HERE.

 Favorite falsies. The perfect fullness and so affordable. Shop HERE.

 I’m so obsessed with my Quip toothbrush, I bought Troy one. Get one HERE.

This has became so scattered, I didn’t mean for that to happen! I sit down to write this up, then get distracted by something, or start looking something else up…oh well.

 These sandals are a complete splurge for me, but they are my most worn sandals! They are so cute and comfy, and go with anything. They are high quality and will last. Shop HERE.

 If you follow @targetdoesitagain on IG, you’ll recognize these. SO OBSESSED. Shop HERE.

 The best basic tee and it’s so cheap! Get it HERE.

 THESE ARE MY FAVORITE. They are so so comfy! Shop HERE.

The cutest baby doll tee and I love this color. You can get it HERE.

 Going to buy these RIGHT NOW! I’m so in love. Get there HERE.

I should go to bed now and stop shopping. Let me know what your favorite things are as of late.




Shape Mags with Say

I was recently introduced to the coolest toy and had to share with you. The company is Shapemags, and they make magnetic tiles in different shapes and colors. These toys allow creativity while making learning fun. I also love that it is something any age can play with and learn something…whether it is colors and shapes, or using their imagination more to see what they can build!


Our set of Shapemags came in a nice box, all organized and ready to play with. Saylor started playing with them immediately, and we currently have 3 different piles of her projects around the house. I had no idea she would be so into building things! Her set also came with a set of stilemags, which connect to the face of the tiles and are so fun! They come in numbers and letters, as well as images to use while building your creations!


This set of Shapemags that we have comes with a stabilizer building board type thing, which is a 12×12 plastic board with magnets for the pieces to attach to. It allows you to move your masterpiece around on different building surfaces and makes building things up high, easier. It says that you can build twice as high with the board, so that is really cool!


I thought I should add that Shapemags are completely safe for any ages. They have taken extra precautions to ensure that our children are protected.

this set is the perfect starter set if you don’t know where to start and don’t want too many pieces! These sets are the perfect gift for any kid! Do you think yours would like them? Let me know what you think!




Saylor’s New Room!

I have been wanting to update Say’s room for a while, get her a cute accent wall, some new bedding, and I FINALLY did it! I was able to collaborate with some of my favorite shops and companies for it, and I was so grateful to be able to do so. I am excited to share it with you, and hopefully give you some inspo for your little girls room!


First off I want to talk about her gorgeous bedding from Beddy’s. If you haven’t heard of them before, they are zipper bedding that fits like a fitted sheet. The length sides of the bed have zippers, so it makes it so very easy to “make” your bed. It is so perfect for Saylor. The inside of the top part is a soft minky material, so you don’t have to worry about being cold or having extra blankets. I gave Saylor a few options to choose from, and she chose this cute Vintage Blush II set. I love the soft pink color, and the ruffles that make it girly.


Next up is her adorable wallpaper. If you remember Remi’s nursery, we used the same company for this accent wall. Milton & King blew me away once again, with their high quality wallpaper and cute designs. As soon as I saw this black and white leo spots design from the Jillian Harris collaboration, I knew it would be perfect for an accent wall in Saylor’s room. It is so cute now, and will be cute in a few years when she wants to switch up her room again. I’m continually impressed with Milton & King as a company and will always refer them when people need wallpaper!


Now for the fun details and accessories. This adorable little table from Sprout fits perfectly in the corner of her room. Say likes to keep her artwork and other little things that she is obsessed with at the moment all lined up on it. I love the look of the pieces that Sprout carries, and it is definitely well made.


The little yarn piece about her bed from Arrow to the Heart is so perfect for its place! I just told her what colors I was looking for her and she came up with this beautiful piece and I love!

Machine Washable Rug from Lorena Canals. I’ve talked about them before that they are just simply the best.

A lot of the smaller decor pieces are from Hobby Lobby…the cactus photo, metal basket, and 2 hanging things around the windows. Santa brought Saylor that dollhouse for Christmas (from Costco lol), and she insisted on having it right there at the foot of her bed.

OH! I almost forgot, the gorgeous light fixture I found at Pottery Barn Kids (on sale)! It is the perfect finishing touch to her room, but be warned, it puts out zero light.

I hope you enjoyed getting a peek into Saylor’s room, and love it as much as I do. I am always looking for new places to shop at for home decor and all that fun stuff, so let me know if you have places you love!






Remi’s Nursery Reveal

Well everyone, here it is! Remi’s room is still a work in progress, and at 4 months old, she still isn’t sleeping in there yet. Oh well! Seeing how Saylor never had a “real” nursery (we were in an apartment), I was excited to give Remi her own cute little space. I love girly, classic things and I think that shows in her room. I also wanted to find pieces that I could use for years, and possibly in other rooms down the road, not just as nursery decor.

Let Love Grow sign from August and April, floral headpiece from Mason & Harlow, moccs from Freshly Picked, crib sheet from Copper Pearl, crib from Wayfair, pouf from Target, and gorgeous wallpaper from Milton & King.


Acrylic shelves from Amazon, basket from Target, and mirror from Target.


Jute rug from Serena & Lily, shag rug and dresser from Ikea.

I can’t wait until Remi starts sleeping in her room and we get use out of her cute crib. I can’t believe how cheap I was able to find such a cute crib! I am also so, so obsessed with the wallpaper accent wall and how it turned out. We ended up hiring someone to put it up for us because it is classic wallpaper that needed to be pasted to the wall, and I wasn’t about to attempt that myself. Her room also gets the best natural light, it really is just a happy, light, and airy room. What do you guys like most about the room? Eventually I will hang the wooden sign up, once I find a few more things I want to commit to hanging up! What are some ideas I could add? Let me know!