Fun Times at Great Wolf Lodge

If you follow me on Instagram, which you should (, you’ll remember that last month me and Troy took Saylor to Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs. #ad – We have been wanting to take her on her own special trip, so we made it a little birthday weekend, since she was turning 6 shortly after!

I have been wanting to go to Great Wolf Lodge as long as I can remember. I have seen friends go, and the indoor water park is what convinced me I had to go. I didn’t realize until I started researching for myself that they have locations EVERYWHERE! If you live in the continental US, there is one within driving distance of pretty much anywhere! We chose to go to the Colorado Springs location, and we were very excited!


Winter in Moab at Homewood Suites by Hilton Moab

Guys…I fell in love with Moab! I had never been and we took a trip there last week and are already planning to go back ASAP. It is only about 3 hours away from us, so we are super lucky. We chose to stay at Homewood Suited by Hilton Moab and it was the PERFECT for us. The best location, best view, best room…I can’t say enough good things! Here are some photos of and at the hotel…

Another great thing they have available in Moab is called Winter in Moab. It is a program to keep people coming during the lower season (winter months), and gives you discounts on really awesome things to do. The companies they partner with range from ATV’s, many restaurants, different events, even a massage company! It is a great resource for consumers, and also helps the local community. We went and did the Delicate Arch hike during our stay, and it was about 50 degrees and so beautiful! There are so many incredible places to see and things to do in Moab, and I would not let any season deter you from visiting!


My Place Hotel St. George

I am so excited to tell you about a fun trip we took last month…as a family! It was so much fun to be able to head south to some *slightly* warmer weather and spend time together as a family. I love St. George, we have gone there a few times and always want to go back! It is only about a 4 hour drive from us, so it really is the perfect getaway spot for us. 

This trip we decided to stay at the My Place Hotel, St. George location. We loved the room sizes, the pool (which is heated!), and the location of it. They have an affordable breakfast option that gets delivered to your room, which was a big deciding factor as well! The girls loved the pool so much, it has a cute little palm tree fountain and some other water things that they really enjoyed. It has a great, large outdoor area that is perfect for just hanging out or having dinner.


Staycation at the Little America Hotel

Hi! Long time no talk…oops! I wanted to share a fun staycation we recently had at the Little America Hotel in Salt Lake City. It was the perfect getaway, very family friendly, and such a beautiful hotel. We wanted to get away with the girls, somewhere close, and somewhere that would be comfortable for us as a family. I saw that the Little America Hotel had this Getaway Package, and knew that it would be perfect for us!


Our room had two queen beds, and was on the 17th floor. Look at that view from our balcony!


The main level/lobby area of the hotel is beautiful. It has a historic feel, and there are so many rich, warm colors. Saylor particularly loved the oversized chandelier and fire.


We were welcome with a nice fruit platter and a fun gift bag! Saylor loved that small gesture and felt very special that she had some “gifts” waiting in our room for her. We especially loved the brunch buffet at the Lucky H Bar & Grille, and had a yummy dinner from the Coffee Shop that was equally as delicious. Don’t mind Saylor’s crazy wig, it is Halloween season, after all.



Remi is teething so she wasn’t much fun, to be honest haha! She spent most of her time in the hotel room (which thankfully was plenty big), and running the halls to try and burn off energy. Saylor loved the grand staircase and touches of Halloween (see floral arrangement), and the big bathtub! The Little America Hotel was the perfect staycation for my little family, and I see us returning in the future! If you are traveling to Utah, definitely give them a stay.


I had a fun little photoshoot outside one morning. Even the grounds of the hotel are beautiful and very well maintained. Also never getting over this view! I am already looking forward to our next staycation there 🙂




Staycation in Park City, UT

Another weekend, another quick trip! This time…Park City. I had never stayed the night there before, so I was excited to do that. Troy works so much, that whenever he decides to randomly take a Saturday off, we like to get out of town and really enjoy our time together as a family. We all love those times together, and Saylor especially loves the times when her Dad plays with her in ways that I won’t, haha.

We found a room at the Westgate Resort on VRBO. Troy booked it but I think it was slightly cheaper than going through the actual resort. This resort is tucked up against the mountain, at the base of the Canyons Village. I don’t ski or snowboard so none of that means anything to me, but the resort is surrounded by runs and lifts. There are so many restaurants and shops within a 5 minute drive. Main St. is also very close!

The resort itself is pretty big, and sort of confusing, haha. The parking is underground and some is under construction, so it was slightly confusing trying to figure out where to park and what tower we were staying in. All the towers don’t connect either. The amenities were awesome, the resort has a great pool and outside area. We lost $20 from the arcade…and not even from playing. We bought a card to play, went to play, and the place was shut down and not working. Westgate couldn’t refund us, so we are currently still out $20 until the people who run the arcade get back to us. So that is annoying, but oh well.

Again, I love that we live so close to so many fun and beautiful things! Right now (meaning May), Park City is SO GORGEOUS. Everything is turning green and blooming, and it is just unreal. As Remi gets older and easier to venture out with, I can’t wait to explore the great outdoors. If you have been to PC, what are your favorite things to do there? Let me know!



The BEST stroller

my jeans, similar HERE


Weekend Getaway to Midway, Utah

It has been too long you guys! And for that, I’m sorry. We have been so busy the last month or so, and things just get away from me. We have been having fun, though! One of the fun things we did was visit Zermatt Resort in Midway, UT. We have been there twice in the past 3 months, and Saylor asks to go back to the indoor pool just about everyday. (Yes, they have an indoor pool and it is awesome.)

The Zermatt Resort is designed like a traditional Swiss-style, actually a lot of Midway is. I don’t know anything about Midway, but it is such a cute little town. It is close to Park City, and sits in the most beautiful valley. There is a popular crater there too, that you can go swimming and diving in. It is naturally warm and I hear it is awesome.

The resort is the perfect size. It isn’t too big, but not that small. The grounds are beautiful, and there are some really delicious restaurants. They have some animals, a few ponds, and a carousel that is FREE! Saylor loved that. They also have a spa that I hear is incredible. It is only about 45 minutes from where we live. It is the perfect little getaway for our family. I should add that this isn’t sponsored at all, but I wish it was! Haha, we just truly love this little gem! It is very affordable, too.


If you ever come to Salt Lake City or are local to Utah, do yourself and your family and visit Zermatt Resort!





For those of you who follow me on IG, (@robynmeacham), you know that we LOVE Disneyland. We have annual passes and were super sad when we moved to Utah. Lucky for us, we have family in Southern California that we visit often so we are still able to use them! It has been so fun watching Saylor grow and become familiar with characters and rides, and get excited about things.








Today I’m going to talk about a few of my personal “must do’s” when going to D-Land. I am in no way a Disney expert, but I like to think I know a little more than some! 🙂

First, I recommend parking in the garage and WALKING to the park. SKIP THE TRAM! With kids and a stroller and all the stuff you bring, walking is necessary for me. On the way to the park they make you fold up your stroller, and, ain’t nobody got time for that. Honestly though, the walk is a quick 5 minute stroll and it puts you out right by bathrooms in Downtown Disney, which we always visit before entering the park!

Next, CHARACTERS. Saylor always has a few that she wants to see, and I try to convince her otherwise, haha. If she insists, my go to place is ToonTown! Maybe I shouldn’t announce that publicly though, so it stays less busy! We can always find Goofy, Pluto, and of course, Minnie and Mickey in their houses if you want to wait for them. ToonTown is tucked away and less visited than all other areas of the park, so we like going back there for a little breather. You can always find characters right when you enter the park, but those lines seem to be the longest.

My last tip for the day is the glorious FAST PASS! I’m sure you know what those are by now, but these are infinitely more beloved with having a kid. Saylor’s favorite ride for the past year has been the Buzz Lightyear right in TomorrowLand, the one across from Star Tours. The line is always at least 30 minutes and it is all outside. No thank you! The first thing we do when we enter the park is go straight there and get a fast pass! You get an assigned time to come back to the ride and bypass the majority of the line. HEAVEN SENT. Most of the time your assigned time is only about 1-2 hours later, so you have just the right amount of time to go find a character, hit up It’s A Small World, and/or grab a churro.

That is all I have for today, but I’m sure I will do another Disneyland post another time. For all your Disney lovers, what are some of your TIPS for when visiting the park?! Share your knowledge!





Jackson Hole Weekend Trip

Hi all! Life, like always, has been busy around here. This past weekend we spent some time in Jackson Hole, WY. Our good friends have a condo there, so we stayed with them. They are about 5 minutes past actual “downtown” Jackson Hole (you know, where the famous antler arches are), right at the base of the gorgeous Tetons. It is always so nice to get away, spend some time together as a family, and enjoy nature!


We didn’t have much planned, aside from a sleigh ride through the Elk Refuge! Although we have been to Jackson Hole a few times, we have never done this before. I highly recommend it! And definitely do it when it is sunny and (warmer) out, as soon as that sun goes down the slightest bit or the wind kicks up, it gets FREEZING! Luckily they have blankets on each sleigh for everyone to use. Now when I say sleigh, its basically a large wagon pulled by 2 horses, so don’t get confused, haha! Saylor loved being able to see loads of “elks” and being pulled by horsies. On the refuge there are many different types of animals besides elk; bison, wolves, bald eagles…we only saw elk though. Tickets for this run about $20/adult, $15/child, and 4 years old and under are free!

 *selfie with the elks, duh*

After the sleigh ride we ventured back into town and went to a nice dinner at the Million Dollar Cowboy Steakhouse. If you are familiar with Jackson Hole, you know the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar, you can’t miss it. It is right in the heart of town, but the restaurant is sort of hidden. You walk in to the bar part of the place, and you have to go down stairs basically into the basement for the restaurant. This was my first time there, and because it was at a bar, I didn’t have very high expectations. Boy was I WRONG! This place is incredible. If you don’t eat meat, just disregard this whole paragraph, as that is basically all that is on their menu. Ok so this place is fancy. Like be prepared to spend more than you would than at your average Red Robin. We decided just to go all out and get some yummy appetizers and a few steaks. Best Tuna Poke and Creamed Spinach ever! I would go back there again just for those 2 starter dishes. I myself am actually not a big meat eater, and they especially had a lot of “gamey” meat, like buffalo and deer. I wish I had pictures, but I’m terrible about taking pictures and really trying to be better!

Everything seems so fresh and clean in Jackson Hole, the skies seem more blue, the air seems to smell better…it is one of my happy places. If you haven’t had the chance to go there, I highly recommend it! From the Salt Lake Valley it is only about a 4 hour drive, so it can easily be done! For those who have been there, what are your favorite things about Jackson Hole in the winter and summer time?

Lots of love,

Robyn 🙂