Staycation in Park City, UT

Another weekend, another quick trip! This time…Park City. I had never stayed the night there before, so I was excited to do that. Troy works so much, that whenever he decides to randomly take a Saturday off, we like to get out of town and really enjoy our time together as a family. We all love those times together, and Saylor especially loves the times when her Dad plays with her in ways that I won’t, haha.

We found a room at the Westgate Resort on VRBO. Troy booked it but I think it was slightly cheaper than going through the actual resort. This resort is tucked up against the mountain, at the base of the Canyons Village. I don’t ski or snowboard so none of that means anything to me, but the resort is surrounded by runs and lifts. There are so many restaurants and shops within a 5 minute drive. Main St. is also very close!

The resort itself is pretty big, and sort of confusing, haha. The parking is underground and some is under construction, so it was slightly confusing trying to figure out where to park and what tower we were staying in. All the towers don’t connect either. The amenities were awesome, the resort has a great pool and outside area. We lost $20 from the arcade…and not even from playing. We bought a card to play, went to play, and the place was shut down and not working. Westgate couldn’t refund us, so we are currently still out $20 until the people who run the arcade get back to us. So that is annoying, but oh well.

Again, I love that we live so close to so many fun and beautiful things! Right now (meaning May), Park City is SO GORGEOUS. Everything is turning green and blooming, and it is just unreal. As Remi gets older and easier to venture out with, I can’t wait to explore the great outdoors. If you have been to PC, what are your favorite things to do there? Let me know!



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