A New Car Seat for Saylor

I am so excited to share this post with you. It has been a long time in the making, and I’d like to thank Chicco for sponsoring this post. I know you probably roll your eyes when you see sponsored, but I want to preface with saying that I reached out to Chicco to set up this collaboration, not the other way around! I like being honest with you guys, and I truly only share products and things with you that I really like and use.

I have been looking at car seats for a few months, as I needed to transition Remi to a convertible car seat. I ideally wanted to give her Saylor’s, and have Say get a new one. Some of the things I was looking for in a new one was that it could transition into a booster, a cupholder (per Saylor’s request), that it had good reviews, and easy to install! I am passionate about car seat safety, so I was also wanting something that would be easy for my husband to understand and install.

While doing research, I found this MyFit Harness + Booster Car Seat. It was everything I was looking for. Added bonus, the LE version comes with a snack tray. Saylor thought that was the coolest thing ever. I am keeping Saylor in a 5 point harness for probably as long as possible (RE: until she is 14…kidding but I wish lol), so I liked that the harness mode weight limit is 65 pounds, and up to 100 pounds for the booster mode. The one pull harness tightener is also a game changer. It is so easy to do!

The seat was incredibly easy to install. The latches clicked right in and I was able to tighten them without feeling like I was going to lose a hand. The manual is easy to read and understand, yet thorough enough to leave you feeling like you know what you are doing. I love that the chest clip has a photo of wear it should go on your child (armpit level). Saylor is super comfortable in it and of course, loves her cupholders and snack tray.

As I mentioned above, I am passionate about car seat safety. It is something so simple to do, yet there are SO MANY careless people. Some are just uneducated, but I wish there was a simple way to let people know the best ways to keep our babies safe. Rear facing is safer than forward facing for children under the age of 2. If you can rear face for longer than 2 years, DO IT! Our little ones muscular and skeletal systems are still developing, and while rear facing during an accident, those systems are protected by the car seat. Chicco has developed a campaign to support this, and it is called the TurnAfter2 Campaign. You can learn all about it HERE. I would also recommend getting your car seats checked by a CPST, which you can find one in your area by just Googling! Sometimes baby stores offer them, like Baby Cubby if you are in Utah, and sometimes hospitals or fire stations have them on staff.


I hope this post made you rethink your car seat situation, and if you think you need to change a few things, then fix them! Re-read the owners manual, get your seat checked, tighten that harness…just do it for the safety of your kiddo. And definitely check out Chicco next time you are in the market for a new seat. You won’t be disappointed.