Fun Times at Great Wolf Lodge

If you follow me on Instagram, which you should (, you’ll remember that last month me and Troy took Saylor to Great Wolf Lodge in Colorado Springs. #ad – We have been wanting to take her on her own special trip, so we made it a little birthday weekend, since she was turning 6 shortly after!

I have been wanting to go to Great Wolf Lodge as long as I can remember. I have seen friends go, and the indoor water park is what convinced me I had to go. I didn’t realize until I started researching for myself that they have locations EVERYWHERE! If you live in the continental US, there is one within driving distance of pretty much anywhere! We chose to go to the Colorado Springs location, and we were very excited!

We made it!
Look at that view!

The moment we walked into the Lodge we were made to feel special. All the employees are happy, helpful, and kind. It truly is decorated to the 9’s, and kept to the theme in every aspect. We upgraded our room a bit, and Saylor got her own “den” of a room.

Saylor insisted we go to the water park the moment we got there. Worth it!
You can see Saylor’s “room” inside of the room. She loved it!

The indoor water park is amazing. And more importantly, SAFE. As a mom, that is our number 1 worry, and I never felt like Saylor was at risk. There are lifeguards everywhere that are actually paying attention, and they measure all the kids and have life jackets/puddle jumpers for littles to wear. It was a dream and we could have spent days and days in the water park alone. Say loved the wave pool and the huge bucket that drops water!

We had so much fun spending time together. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that they had more to offer than *just* an indoor waterpark. They also have an arcade, mini golf, ropes course, Build-A-Bear, planned activities throughout the day, and more! We were not disappointed or bored once.

Best trip!
We will definitely be back. We made the best memories and we will bring Remi next time!

I had a few questions on Instagram from people asking what ages do I think this would be good for. I honestly think any age would have fun! It would be easier if your baby could walk, of course, but they have a whole designated “baby” section in the water park so you don’t have to worry about big kids. Great Wolf truly goes above and beyond to make your experience the most enjoyable. We are already planning a winter trip, it will be the best way to escape the weather for a bit! Let me know if you have any questions, and be sure to check out Great Wolf Lodge!