Weekend Getaway to Midway, Utah

It has been too long you guys! And for that, I’m sorry. We have been so busy the last month or so, and things just get away from me. We have been having fun, though! One of the fun things we did was visit Zermatt Resort in Midway, UT. We have been there twice in the past 3 months, and Saylor asks to go back to the indoor pool just about everyday. (Yes, they have an indoor pool and it is awesome.)

The Zermatt Resort is designed like a traditional Swiss-style, actually a lot of Midway is. I don’t know anything about Midway, but it is such a cute little town. It is close to Park City, and sits in the most beautiful valley. There is a popular crater there too, that you can go swimming and diving in. It is naturally warm and I hear it is awesome.

The resort is the perfect size. It isn’t too big, but not that small. The grounds are beautiful, and there are some really delicious restaurants. They have some animals, a few ponds, and a carousel that is FREE! Saylor loved that. They also have a spa that I hear is incredible. It is only about 45 minutes from where we live. It is the perfect little getaway for our family. I should add that this isn’t sponsored at all, but I wish it was! Haha, we just truly love this little gem! It is very affordable, too.


If you ever come to Salt Lake City or are local to Utah, do yourself and your family and visit Zermatt Resort!