Spring is in the Air…

…and I am feeling it! As each season comes and goes here in Utah, I am learning how bipolar the weather here is! One day it will be 65-70 and gorgeous, and the next it will be 30 degrees cooler and snow! Not even kidding you, it is crazy! Everyone here complains about the snow, but this California girl loves it! It helps that it typically all melts the same day, I will admit! It is just so nice to live in such a beautiful place, that has all different seasons!


My little sister, who is about 6 years younger than me, is the cutest thing ever and I always ask her opinion on clothes and makeup and pretty much anything. Our styles are pretty different, but she bought one of these hats a while back and I wondered if I could pull it off. When Troy and I went to Vegas a few weekends ago I saw a cute, simple black one at TopShop and decided to get it. I have only worn it one time, but I think it is cute! Same with these platform shoes…totally out of my comfort zone, but they are rose gold and very comfortable! And they aren’t too high, so I can actually still walk in them, haha!


Another thing I like about hats is that they hide your dirty hair, and if you decide not to wear makeup that day! What do you guys feel about these hats? I don’t even know what they are called, but do you like them?

You can shop the hat HERE

Platform shoes

Striped tee similar HERE


Favorite lip stick (use code ROBYN10)

What trends are you excited about for spring or summer? I can’t wait to wear comfy dresses and sandals all the time! Happy almost Friday!





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  1. You look cute.

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