Jergens Body Butter Collection for Self Care

Jergens Body Butter Collection for Self Care.

You know what I love? Self care. I love things that boost my mood and make me feel happy like @jergensus Body Butter Moisturizers! They are made with essential oils, help your body and mind, soothe skin for long lasting hydration.

Jergens Body Butter Collection come in 5 unique scents. Sweet Citrus (Energizing), Rose (Alluring), Lavender (Calming), Eucalyptus Mint (Renewing) and Sandalwood (Comforting).

I love the mood benefits of the Eucalyptus Mint butter, it makes me feel calm and relaxed! You can find Jergens Body Butter on Amazon and choose to have your order shipped to an Amazon locker near you!


Summer Favorites with BabbleBoxx

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You know what is the best? Getting fun things in the mail. You know what is even better? Getting a box in the mail full of (full sized) products, especially when you don’t know what is coming! I received this box in the mail and couldn’t wait to break into it. I immediately saw some goodies that I was SO EXCITED about, and others I knew would make the perfect gift (re: rose…I don’t drink!).

As you can tell from the photo above, I scored with some majorly awesome products. After using (or eating lol) them for a week or so, I am going to breakdown each product for you!


First up are these tasty teas from the organic Pure Leaf Tea House Collection. These two specific flavors I tried, Strawberry & Garden Mint and Spiced Chai are equally refreshing and flavorful. Neither one of them are overly sweet, which can be hard to find in bottled drinks. These drinks are the perfect size to grab one for when you are out and about! These glass bottles were my first experience with Pure Leaf, and I’m certain this won’t be my last. #ad


I am going to preface this little section by saying I do not drink. So I kindly gifted these 2 oh-so-cute bottles of Cavit Rose to my friend Hillary, and told her she needed to report back to me & tell me all the things. We all know Rose is all the rage right now, and I was informed that this one is very, very tasty. She also told me that her and her boyfriend enjoyed a bottle together over ice, and it was perfect. They both enjoyed the taste and said they would buy it in the future!


Next up…My/Mo Mochi Ice Cream. I love mochi! I was so excited about this being in the box. It is one of Troy’s favorite things, too. I chose a mango flavor and it did not disappoint. If you don’t know what mochi is, it is a small ball of ice cream wrapped in a sweet rice dough. It is chewy, sweet, creamy, and so delicious. They come in 8 flavors and next I plan on trying Vanilla Bean and Green Tea! You can click HERE for a $1 off coupon.


Have you ever seen a more pretty set of bras? I could argue that you certainly have not! Since I stopped nursing Remi, I was on the market for some new bras and so far, I am loving these from Coobie. They are pretty, delicate, and has the right amount of support that I need. These 2 pieces are the lace bralette and the lace back scoopneck, and you can use code BAB30 for 30% off your order!


Lastly, you know I am obsessed with skincare. Give me all the skincare. I have seen and heard amazing things about Colleen Rothschild Beauty, and when I saw there was a few products in the box, I was elated. Included was their Sheer Renewal Cream and Beauty Water. Let me tell you that I am obsessed with both products. The sheer renewal cream has been my night cream, it has a light, light scent and isn’t very heavy. You also can use it as a makeup primer so I will definitely give that a try! The beauty water is the perfect little pick me up throughout the day. It smells amazing, and adds a good amount of moisture without having to layer on a cream. Saylor even loves this, LOL! You can use code BOXX20 for 20% off all regular priced items.


I hope I introduced you to some fun products, and let me know if you try anything I mentioned above!




Spring is in the Air…

…and I am feeling it! As each season comes and goes here in Utah, I am learning how bipolar the weather here is! One day it will be 65-70 and gorgeous, and the next it will be 30 degrees cooler and snow! Not even kidding you, it is crazy! Everyone here complains about the snow, but this California girl loves it! It helps that it typically all melts the same day, I will admit! It is just so nice to live in such a beautiful place, that has all different seasons!


My little sister, who is about 6 years younger than me, is the cutest thing ever and I always ask her opinion on clothes and makeup and pretty much anything. Our styles are pretty different, but she bought one of these hats a while back and I wondered if I could pull it off. When Troy and I went to Vegas a few weekends ago I saw a cute, simple black one at TopShop and decided to get it. I have only worn it one time, but I think it is cute! Same with these platform shoes…totally out of my comfort zone, but they are rose gold and very comfortable! And they aren’t too high, so I can actually still walk in them, haha!


Another thing I like about hats is that they hide your dirty hair, and if you decide not to wear makeup that day! What do you guys feel about these hats? I don’t even know what they are called, but do you like them?

You can shop the hat HERE

Platform shoes

Striped tee similar HERE


Favorite lip stick (use code ROBYN10)

What trends are you excited about for spring or summer? I can’t wait to wear comfy dresses and sandals all the time! Happy almost Friday!






Spring Favorites & Wish List

My wardrobe has been SERIOUSLY lacking lately, so I have been doing a lot of (window) shopping. I want to throw all my clothes away and start fresh. Does anyone else feel that way? Is it the change in fashion, the season change, or do my clothes just suck? Or all of the above. While going through my closet I have found that I hold on to things, for who knows why. I guess I tell myself that I will wear it one of these days, and with many things, that day never comes. My new rule is if I haven’t worn it in the last year, it needs to go. I have been selling on Poshmark lately, and have really liked it. It is super easy.

Here are some things I either recently purchased, am going to purchase, or really want to purchase. Enjoy!

 I’ve been loving western belts & this one from Urban is so cute. Shop it HERE.

 These are my favorite summer sandals for Say. Shop them HERE.

 Favorite falsies. The perfect fullness and so affordable. Shop HERE.

 I’m so obsessed with my Quip toothbrush, I bought Troy one. Get one HERE.

This has became so scattered, I didn’t mean for that to happen! I sit down to write this up, then get distracted by something, or start looking something else up…oh well.

 These sandals are a complete splurge for me, but they are my most worn sandals! They are so cute and comfy, and go with anything. They are high quality and will last. Shop HERE.

 If you follow @targetdoesitagain on IG, you’ll recognize these. SO OBSESSED. Shop HERE.

 The best basic tee and it’s so cheap! Get it HERE.

 THESE ARE MY FAVORITE. They are so so comfy! Shop HERE.

The cutest baby doll tee and I love this color. You can get it HERE.

 Going to buy these RIGHT NOW! I’m so in love. Get there HERE.

I should go to bed now and stop shopping. Let me know what your favorite things are as of late.




Learning to Relax & Take Care of Myself

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Does anyone else have a hard time relaxing and taking time for yourself? I know I do! Of course I love to relax and pamper myself, but sometimes being a mom to 2 busy little girls impedes that. There are days that are so stressful and long, that I will literally force myself to take a bath or do a face mask…something that simply takes 10 minutes but is a sure way to elevate my spirits and make me feel relaxed.


iHerb carries about 1,200 brands and over 35,000 products that you would typically find at health food stores and natural pharmacies, and their prices are much more affordable. Shopping with them is easy breezy, and all orders in the US over $20 ship free. They also ship to over 160 countries and have customer support available in 10 languages…now that is really cool.

Here are a few products I have been using and loving lately. I love their natural properties, and I especially have been loving all the different smells. My go-to way to relax lately has been taking a bath with these lavender bath bombs and/or this epsom soak in eucalyptus + citrus. I’ll also light candles everywhere, at all times. They help me feel balanced and make me happy. I have been loving this candle from Mrs. Meyers. I love all of this brands scents, the candles and dish/hand soap is my fave!


If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you know I love skincare. I struggle with acne, thanks hormones and babies, so I am always trying to find things to combat that. I also am always looking for things to tighten, brighten and lift my skin. I have been wanting to try products from both Acure Organics and Pixi Beauty, so I finally just got a few to try! This brightening cleanser from Acure has hundreds of 5 star reviews, and so far, I can see why. It is gentle, yet thorough enough for me to feel like my skin is clean and glowing. I follow the cleanser with this Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic, and I’m OBSESSED. Many other beauty bloggers rant and rave about how amazing pretty much everything from this brand is, so I was so excited that I liked it so much. This mask from them is just a good as I was hoping as well.


Another thing that keeps me going and healthy (most of the time), are taking vitamins. Vitamin C is a staple around our home, we all take it daily. We also all love and prefer gummy vitamins, so these gummy Emergen-C vitamins make everyone happy. And one last product I have been loving is this natural deodorant. The brand is Schmidt’s, which I had never used before but, like always, I read reviews and was lead to this one! I chose the scent Rose + Vanilla, and it keeps me feeling refreshed and my skin soft. It is a bit thicker than regular deodorant, so you need to hold it to your skin for a few seconds to get it to melt a little bit.


New customers can get a discount off their iHerb by clicking here. I wish lots of relaxation and calmness to everyone who needs it. Especially us moms! I know how crazy life gets with busy husbands, grumpy babies, but I know I always feel better when I take even just a few minutes for myself each day.






SHINE COSMETICS intro & my favorite products

Hi! I feel like I have been so MIA lately. The holidays were crazy, Troy’s been crazy busy with work, and we all have been sick for the past month or more it seems like! Blah. Hopefully things start settling down here soon. I wanted to talk to you guys about some of my current favorite makeup products from Shine Cosmetics that I have been using the past little while.

A few months ago, I put on an influencer night with some of my girlfriends, and Shine was one of our biggest sponsors and contributors. That was the first time I had heard of them, and since then, I have been using their LipLast. I like that it wears well without drying my lips out.

Here are some of the products I’ve been using, and I’ll talk about my favorites a little bit in detail:


  • BB Cream, I am the color Awaken. This gives you light coverage, and doesn’t feel cakey. A great product for every day wear! Also has SPF 15 which is a plus. 
  • Lipstick, I am OBSESSED with the color Believe. It is the perfect light pink. It looks good on every skin tone and really is my favorite lipstick at the moment. 
  • Eyeliner, in the color Worth. This is a gorgeous brownish, greenish, almost goldish color. I have green eyes and I love this color. It would look great with brown eyes too, I think. They are made with beeswax so they go on so smooth & won’t harm your extensions if you have them. 
  • Fiber Brow, I am the color Refine. Okay if you buy one thing, LET IT BE THIS. Life changing! It effortlessly fills in your brows, I can’t say enough good things about it! 

  •  

    Healing Acne with Trophy Skin

    I have suffered with acne for most of my life. Can anyone else relate? It is the worst! And as I am getting older, it is getting worse. UGH. I never thought that that was even a thing…until it became my life. I’ve tried anything and everything to help my skin, and I have found some things to help keep my breakouts *mostly* at bay, but I still find I get these red marks and little scars that tend to stick around for so long.

    I was excited when I found THIS product and especially when I read the reviews. It seemed like this machine actually WORKED for people, and is really safe and effective. The BlueMD uses LED technology to safely and effectively eradicate the acne-causing bacteria that cause blemishes and blackheads.


    What I really like about this light therapy system, is that it only takes 5 minutes! It is so simple and easy to do, and takes no time or thought. They say that this heals your skin from the inside out, and I really like that idea, that it isn’t just on the surface. I love that you can use it for many different things too, not just if you have acne!


    The light isn’t painful at all, you don’t feel a single thing. It is simple enough for anyone, all ages, to use. It doesn’t take up a lot of space, and it isn’t an eyesore! Most people see results as early as 3 weeks, and some don’t see any until closer to 12 weeks. Consistency is key. You can learn more about how to use the BlueMD LED Blue Light Therapy HERE.

    For a limited time, Trophy Skin is offering my readers 10% off using code SSLIFE10 – that is awesome! Also, the BlueMD is currently 50% OFF!! So hurry right now and grab it at an amazing price!

    Thank you Trophy Skin for sponsoring this post.


    Stocking Stuffer & Gift Idea with BleachBright

    Hi! We all love white teeth, right? I drink (a lot of) diet coke and can sometimes notice my teeth looking dull or not as white as they used to be. I use whitening toothpaste but sometimes I need a little bit more.

    I was recently introduced to Bleach Bright Whitening Systems and have been using it for a few days. I am planning on using it every night for about 10 days. What I have liked about the system I have been using is that it hasn’t made my teeth sensitive and it hasn’t hurt my gums at all! For me, that is hard to find.

    I have seen a lot of these whitening lights around and have totally been skeptical, but I honestly have noticed that my teeth are getting whiter after each time I use it. THIS is the specific whitening kit I have been using, and I use it before I brush my teeth at night. It only takes about 30 minutes, it is super simple.

    BleachBright is sharing an 80% OFF code for my followers and readers! That is insane! White teeth really is the perfect gift to give someone. Head to and use code RM80 at checkout!

    Try it and let me know what you think!





    I am excited to share a few other great finds I recently found at Shopko. I really love skincare and a good face mask, so I really wanted to pick a few I could use. My 4 year old daughter is also starting to get into doing fun, girly things like that with me, so I knew we could enjoy this together.

    Saylor picked out this Nugg Exfoliating Face Mask to try out first. It has a light scent, lightly exfoliating, and left our skin feeling so soft and smooth. It was so cute watching her look at herself in the mirror and then touch her face after it was off.

    This gorgeous turtleneck top also caught my eye. I love the deep red wine color, and the turtleneck for the fall. it is surprisingly soft, and I like the hem of the bottom. And even better, I’m pretty sure it was only around $10! It is from Shopko’s exclusive brand, A&I, and you can find it HERE.

    You can find the other Nugg face mask HERE. It is a Charcoal Skin Detox Face Mask, and it made my skin feel very clean.

    Masque Bar Anti Blemish Mask  — another great one for breakouts.

    Let me know what you think!





    Shopping & Gift Ideas with Shopko

    Who remembers Shopko?! Growing up we had one in my small town, and it was always a stop on my Black Friday shopping trips with my mom. As I got older, I sort of out grew it, and stopped finding things that I liked, if I’m being completely honest. Recently I was re-introduced to Shopko, and specifically the fact that they have added many new brands and new looks. Upon looking at their website, I immediately found a good amount of things I liked and would love to have! Score! I purchased many different things from different departments, including this cute top shown below from their new line A&I. I was also excited to see It’s a 10 on their list of new brands…I love their hair products!

    I have been using this It’s a 10 Silk Express Miracle Silk Smoothing serum for a few weeks now and I really like it. I use about a dime size amount and apply it to my towel dried hair. I have noticed that it has made my hair more smooth and not as frizzy when I let it air dry. It smells good, too.

    I also got this Five Minute Hair Repair for Blondes…and I’ve been loving it! If you are a blonde you have probably used a purple shampoo at some point or another. Purple shampoo helps keep your hair bright and not brassy. This is basically a purple deep conditioner and it has helped my hair not to be so dry.


    I chose a cute, long sleeved basic black shirt too. I have been looking for clothes for fall and winter, and this black shirt is just what I was looking for. It is super comfortable and I love the elastic around the wrists as a cute detail. It was so affordable too, I was shocked. The brand of shirt is A&I which is Shopko’s new exclusive brand. They carry all sorts of products in many different departments. One stop shop!

    If you are in the shopping mood (re: Christmas shopping!), you can get $15 off a $75 Kitchen and Dining purchase with code DELICIOUS, valid through 11/11. Then you can get an extra 15% off Outerwear with code STAYWARM valid 11/9-11/12. Thank you Shopko for sponsoring this post!

    Take a look at their site and let me know if you purchase anything!