Learning to Relax & Take Care of Myself

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Does anyone else have a hard time relaxing and taking time for yourself? I know I do! Of course I love to relax and pamper myself, but sometimes being a mom to 2 busy little girls impedes that. There are days that are so stressful and long, that I will literally force myself to take a bath or do a face mask…something that simply takes 10 minutes but is a sure way to elevate my spirits and make me feel relaxed.


iHerb carries about 1,200 brands and over 35,000 products that you would typically find at health food stores and natural pharmacies, and their prices are much more affordable. Shopping with them is easy breezy, and all orders in the US over $20 ship free. They also ship to over 160 countries and have customer support available in 10 languages…now that is really cool.

Here are a few products I have been using and loving lately. I love their natural properties, and I especially have been loving all the different smells. My go-to way to relax lately has been taking a bath with these lavender bath bombs and/or this epsom soak in eucalyptus + citrus. I’ll also light candles everywhere, at all times. They help me feel balanced and make me happy. I have been loving this candle from Mrs. Meyers. I love all of this brands scents, the candles and dish/hand soap is my fave!


If you’ve been around these parts for a while, you know I love skincare. I struggle with acne, thanks hormones and babies, so I am always trying to find things to combat that. I also am always looking for things to tighten, brighten and lift my skin. I have been wanting to try products from both Acure Organics and Pixi Beauty, so I finally just got a few to try! This brightening cleanser from Acure has hundreds of 5 star reviews, and so far, I can see why. It is gentle, yet thorough enough for me to feel like my skin is clean and glowing. I follow the cleanser with this Pixi Beauty Glow Tonic, and I’m OBSESSED. Many other beauty bloggers rant and rave about how amazing pretty much everything from this brand is, so I was so excited that I liked it so much. This mask from them is just a good as I was hoping as well.


Another thing that keeps me going and healthy (most of the time), are taking vitamins. Vitamin C is a staple around our home, we all take it daily. We also all love and prefer gummy vitamins, so these gummy Emergen-C vitamins make everyone happy. And one last product I have been loving is this natural deodorant. The brand is Schmidt’s, which I had never used before but, like always, I read reviews and was lead to this one! I chose the scent Rose + Vanilla, and it keeps me feeling refreshed and my skin soft. It is a bit thicker than regular deodorant, so you need to hold it to your skin for a few seconds to get it to melt a little bit.


New customers can get a discount off their iHerb by clicking here. I wish lots of relaxation and calmness to everyone who needs it. Especially us moms! I know how crazy life gets with busy husbands, grumpy babies, but I know I always feel better when I take even just a few minutes for myself each day.