When Sisters Become Friends

  • This post is sponsored by Everywhere Agency on behalf of Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.

As the oldest of 3 girls, I grew up with 2 built in best friends. I won’t go into the details of the road we took to become friends (sorry, mom!), but we are the best of friends now & I love that my girls have the opportunity to develop that. It is amazing to see the connection they have, even from such a young age. Saylor is so motherly toward Remi, always wanting to help her and keep her away from her toys, haha!


Ever since before Saylor was born, Carter’s was our go to choice for clothing. They carry the cutest prints and styles, are affordable & have good sales, and their sizing runs more true to size than other baby/children’s clothes. I saved a lot of Saylor’s clothes for Remi, and as Remi grows, the nostalgia I feel when I go through her old clothes is bittersweet. I love that my girls can share the same clothes, and that they both can create memories in little outfits.

I asked Saylor what some of her favorite things to do with her sister are and this is what she said: “playing with her & reading books.”. I feel like that sums up our life pretty well! They play all day long and I love watching Remi become more interactive with Saylor. And Saylor loves it, too. She is the best big sister to Remi, they are so lucky to have each other.

I wanted to share a story with you guys, mainly for my own benefit and memory. Sometimes I forget how much Saylor has grown, and just how much of an independent little girl she is becoming. She had a St. Patrick’s Day party at preschool, and of course had to wear green! She wanted a new outfit so I took her shopping, just her and I, at Carter’s. I told her she could get whatever she wanted, thinking she would like a cute little themed holiday shirt or something. As soon as we enter the store, she sees all the beautiful Easter dresses displayed on a large section of the wall. She spots this green floral dress, and it’s over. She’s chosen her outfit and that is going to be it. It is no doubt a pretty dress, but for a preschool party, I thought? Let’s not, haha. I tried to convince her to choose cute green leggings or a more simple dress, but noooope. This frilly, fancy, green floral dress was the one. No matter that it was 45 degrees the day of her party! She has such a cute personality and is so strong willed, it was cute and funny to see her be so persistent and set on her St. Patrick’s Day dress choice.

Of course she had to show off her new pretty dress to her dad, and proceeded to do all sorts of funny poses and dance moves. I love this little girl and her silly personality! I have a feeling that I’ll be seeing a lot of this dress…on Saylor & Remi in a few years.

Here are the links to all the cute clothes you see in this post: Saylor’s GREEN DRESS, Saylor’s DINO JAMMIES, Remi’s UNICORN JAMMIES, Saylor’s WISH SHIRT, Remi’s PINK PANTS. I can’t find Remi’s top or Saylor’s cute star pants online, but I bought them in store on clearance and we love them.

Do you typically shop at Carter’s? If so, what do like to get there? Let me know!