Shape Mags with Say

I was recently introduced to the coolest toy and had to share with you. The company is Shapemags, and they make magnetic tiles in different shapes and colors. These toys allow creativity while making learning fun. I also love that it is something any age can play with and learn something…whether it is colors and shapes, or using their imagination more to see what they can build!


Our set of Shapemags came in a nice box, all organized and ready to play with. Saylor started playing with them immediately, and we currently have 3 different piles of her projects around the house. I had no idea she would be so into building things! Her set also came with a set of stilemags, which connect to the face of the tiles and are so fun! They come in numbers and letters, as well as images to use while building your creations!


This set of Shapemags that we have comes with a stabilizer building board type thing, which is a 12×12 plastic board with magnets for the pieces to attach to. It allows you to move your masterpiece around on different building surfaces and makes building things up high, easier. It says that you can build twice as high with the board, so that is really cool!


I thought I should add that Shapemags are completely safe for any ages. They have taken extra precautions to ensure that our children are protected.

this set is the perfect starter set if you don’t know where to start and don’t want too many pieces! These sets are the perfect gift for any kid! Do you think yours would like them? Let me know what you think!



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