Spring Favorites & Wish List

My wardrobe has been SERIOUSLY lacking lately, so I have been doing a lot of (window) shopping. I want to throw all my clothes away and start fresh. Does anyone else feel that way? Is it the change in fashion, the season change, or do my clothes just suck? Or all of the above. While going through my closet I have found that I hold on to things, for who knows why. I guess I tell myself that I will wear it one of these days, and with many things, that day never comes. My new rule is if I haven’t worn it in the last year, it needs to go. I have been selling on Poshmark lately, and have really liked it. It is super easy.

Here are some things I either recently purchased, am going to purchase, or really want to purchase. Enjoy!

 I’ve been loving western belts & this one from Urban is so cute. Shop it HERE.

 These are my favorite summer sandals for Say. Shop them HERE.

 Favorite falsies. The perfect fullness and so affordable. Shop HERE.

 I’m so obsessed with my Quip toothbrush, I bought Troy one. Get one HERE.

This has became so scattered, I didn’t mean for that to happen! I sit down to write this up, then get distracted by something, or start looking something else up…oh well.

 These sandals are a complete splurge for me, but they are my most worn sandals! They are so cute and comfy, and go with anything. They are high quality and will last. Shop HERE.

 If you follow @targetdoesitagain on IG, you’ll recognize these. SO OBSESSED. Shop HERE.

 The best basic tee and it’s so cheap! Get it HERE.

 THESE ARE MY FAVORITE. They are so so comfy! Shop HERE.

The cutest baby doll tee and I love this color. You can get it HERE.

 Going to buy these RIGHT NOW! I’m so in love. Get there HERE.

I should go to bed now and stop shopping. Let me know what your favorite things are as of late.