10 Month Old Remi Rowe

Can you believe it, 10 months old?! I sure can’t. I still feel like she is so baby-ish and little, and I love that. I want to soak in as much cuddles and nursing and loves as long as I can. She has grown so much this last month or so, and I’m really noticing it. She is still a tiny thing, which is one of the reasons why she still seems so much like a baby to me. She has 4 teeth, the 2 bottom and her 2 “i” teeth on top (her fangs) which is so funny! I never want to forget that. She’s like a little vampire and it’s so cute.

When I was pregnant, I had every intention of taking the same month photos of Remi to document. How difficult could it be to take a single photo in the same set up, every month? Well, it has proven to be very difficult! Haha, I can’t tell you why, it just is. I have been wanting to use these milestone cards from JumpOff Jo, and I finally did. It wasn’t a complete failure! You can find these on Amazon, which, yes please, every person’s dream. They come with each month, as well as other cute milestones on the back, like “just sat up” or “just crawled”. These cards make a great gift and are fun to have!


I also got this cute, whimsical crib sheet from the same company. It is so cute & soft and fits Remi’s crib mattress perfectly. I love the unique design. It’s made of 100% super soft cotton, which offers a ton of benefits like moisture adsorption, temperature regulation, and is naturally comforting. Again, I had high hopes of taking a cute photo when Remi was sleeping, to position her like she was soaring or flying, but she is a light sleeper. Lol, oh well.




Remi has slept for 8 hours, 3 times in the last month, and I credit it to this sheet. LOL. Nothing else has changed though, so I don’t know what else it could be. You guys know how hard of a sleeper she has been for me (re: she wakes up ever 3-4 hours, even still), so I’m praying that she is going to become a good sleeper now! This cute crib sheet also makes a great gift, it is gender neutral and affordable!

For documenting purposes, Remi was about 15.5 pounds at her 10 month appointment, which was around 7th percentile. I can’t remember how long she was, but she was 30th percentile for that. Her hair has a reddish tint to it in some light, and her hands and feet are tiny and delicate. She does this cute thing where she scrunches her nose up just like her older sister used to do. She is finally crawling “normally” and not so much army crawling. We love her so much and I am so glad she is sleeping better!



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