The Constant, Unavoidable Question…

…”Sooooo, when are you having another baby?”

<insert eye roll>  Am I right?

As I was sitting here minding my own business, watching Laguna Beach reruns for the umpteenth time, I get a random text from an old friend asking when I was going to give Saylor a sibling.  Seriously?!  No “Hi! How ya doing?!” first??!!  Shoot straight, why don’t ya?

I can’t tell you how many times I have been asked this since Saylor has been born.  She just turned 3! Give me a break!  One thing that I learned from becoming a mom is that what you thought and planned when you were younger, goes out the window.  2 year age gap sounds perfect right?  The thought of getting and being pregnant when Saylor was barely a year old soon became comical to me.  I couldn’t imagine!


Kitchen Backsplash Ideas…

Ever since we moved into our house in January, I’ve been brainstorming ideas and decor. Furnishing and upgrading an entire house is expensive and time consuming, but I figured that a small backsplash would be one of the easiest things to do. But I can’t decide on a tile! I’ve Pinned a lot of different ones that I like…HELP ME! Which would you choose?

All images are just from Google.

I can’t decide if I want to stick with a basic, classy white, or add a little bit of color. What do you prefer? This is my kitchen:



Here in sunny Arizona, we are on day 2 of triple digit heat…Saturday is supposed to reach 118! My poor husband works all day in the heat and it is so hard to keep a toddler inside at home all day long, so I’ve rounded up some things and places that we like to wear and do to keep us cool. 118 is manageable, right?


 For Saylor, from Gap.          For me, from Nordstrom.


 For Saylor. From Bed Bath & Beyond. Don’t forget to use a 20% off coupon!


Tennis Shoes

I love a good pair of Nike’s. It seems that growing up, the brand of shoes that you mostly wore, sticks with you. I have friends who prefer Adidas and Asics, but I have always gone with the Nike’s. I have especially loved the casual, sporty shoe trend lately. I really need a pair of their Roshe’s…I’m surprised I don’t own one or 3 pairs yet. But I can’t decide on a color! HELP! Here are my top faves, and please tell me which you like best!

 Plain white, always a good choice.


Pretty Utah & Pretty Dress

This weekend Troy came home (yay!) and we took a drive up the American Fork canyon to the Tibble Fork Reservoir. The weather has been so nice lately and yesterday was no exception. 

Recently I found this new shop on Instagram that I quickly became obsessed with, @shopsevan! I love supporting small businesses, and I knew that as soon as I saw this perfect light lime lace dress I had to have it. The length is perfect, the sleeves are perfect, and the lace detail is perfect…you get it.

I love this dress for summer, it is so airy and light. Make sure you wear a slip under it, like the Essential Slip from Downeast, because the dress is totally sheer. I would also suggest sizing down in the dress, and sizing up in the slip!


To Work Out or Not To Work Out?

Does anyone actually like to work out? I’m convinced that whenever anyone says they love it, they are LYING. Real talk, I haven’t been to the gym in like 4 years. I can’t remember the last time I CHOSE to work out. I’m fairly lucky, thanks to genetics, that I have a decent metabolism. But I am at the point (err, age, #pushing30), where I notice I can’t eat like I used to be able to. DANG IT!

My husband tries to get me to go to the gym with him all the time, but I always come up with an excuse like I don’t want to put Saylor in the daycare (which is true!). I think the time has come for me to suck it up and start going back to the gym. Growing up and all through high school I was super athletic, I played volleyball and basketball, and was a cheerleader. Will someone tell me why I hate working out now?!


Anthro Clearance Sale, My Picks!

It is that time again…40% off of SALE items at Anthropologie! Now is the time to get a really good deal on some great items. If you are like me and have a hard time paying full price (for anything), this sale is for you! There is no code, so as soon as you add it to your cart, the discount is there! Listed below are a few of my favorites.

 This spoon rest would be adorable in any kitchen! Plus it is only $4. NO BRAINER!

 I know that it’s basically springtime, but this pretty embroidered lace-up top is too pretty.


Help me with LIGHTING!

So we have been in our new house for over 2 months now, and I’m dying to start upgrading and changing out the “standard building” lighting. These equals a lot. Chandeliers in the entry, dining room, and over the landing in the stairway, flush mounts in a couple halls, and 3 bathrooms. I’ve been searching around, I don’t want to buy the first thing that stands out to me, I have to let things marinate, get a good deal, and ask everyone I know what they think. I don’t have an eye for interior design, I would rather just someone tell me exactly what to get and where, and they install it for me, haha! Here are some that have caught my eye…


A New Cookie Recipe!

Hi guys! So if you know me, you know that I have perfected the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe (which I will share later), and I don’t stray from it. The other day my sis told me that she was given a new cookie recipe that I had to try, and that it might give my recipe a run for its money! Too good to be true?! You be the judge.

Saylor helped me whip up a quick batch yesterday…she likes being included in things and feeling like she is helping me. I love that about this age…even if it really just makes more of a mess, haha.


Bathing Suit Blues

Well, it is that time again! Spring is right around the corner and you start thinking about vacations, and warm weather, and the unavoidable bathing suits. Haha. Unless you live in Southern California that is, where it is always a perfect 85 degrees and you can wear a bathing suit year round.

If you are like me, I am always on the hunt for the perfect suit! You know, comfortable, cute, not too revealing, a reasonable price…all the good things. Luckily, one pieces and not-so-skimpy two pieces have been on the trend lately, so that gives us a lot more options! I have a hard time paying, actually I just will not pay, more than like $80/$90 for a swim suit, I just can’t do it. I’ve scoured the internet and found some of the best suits for the best prices (in my opinion) 🙂