Bathing Suit Blues

Well, it is that time again! Spring is right around the corner and you start thinking about vacations, and warm weather, and the unavoidable bathing suits. Haha. Unless you live in Southern California that is, where it is always a perfect 85 degrees and you can wear a bathing suit year round.

If you are like me, I am always on the hunt for the perfect suit! You know, comfortable, cute, not too revealing, a reasonable price…all the good things. Luckily, one pieces and not-so-skimpy two pieces have been on the trend lately, so that gives us a lot more options! I have a hard time paying, actually I just will not pay, more than like $80/$90 for a swim suit, I just can’t do it. I’ve scoured the internet and found some of the best suits for the best prices (in my opinion) 🙂

This tankini top from Kingdom and State is pretty much everything I could ever want. I love the coverage, print, and pair it with a pair of high waisted or bikini bottoms, and you are set!



Has anyone heard of Rosegal before? Or shopped there? I’m pretty sure that it is a China site, and it makes me a little nervous. BUT! I have shopped from other sites similar before and have been really happy, so I am going to purchase these 2 suits and give them a try. With being so tall (5’9″), sometimes buying one pieces online never works, but they are so cheap that I know I would easily be able to resell them for what I paid.

1452551351017688792 *curious how this one will do in the chest region (#mombod)…will report back.


I have never purchased anything from Revolve Clothing before, but this stunner good out to me! First, you can never go wrong with black, and I love the simplicity of it, with a little bit of fun detail!



Please tell me you haven’t forgotten about American Eagle! Obviously that is where my whole wardrobe was from in high school (think collared shirts under sweaters, thick strapped corduroy flip flops, slip on clop thingys…you know what I am talking about!)…and now they are even my go to for a great pair of jeans. As I was browsing I found myself on AE’s website, and I was impressed! They have a ton of cute (& modest) options for super reasonable prices! This gold ruffle piece is a fav.



Last but certainly not least, something from our favorite place, Target! For $25 this could either be the best deal ever, or it could be really bad. It is sort of a bummer that it’s an online only item, but it is definitely worth a try…it’s so dang cute!



Now tell me, where are your favorite swimsuits from, and what do you look for in the perfect summer suit?



2 thoughts on “Bathing Suit Blues

  1. That black and white scalloped one… amazing! I’m about to order it, but can I ask what size you got? #mombod here, gotta make sure I’m covered 😜

    1. Robyn Meacham

      I decided against that one actually! I got the other one with cut outs. I decided my chest wouldn’t fill out the pre-made cups 🙁

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