On The Night You Were Born

As Remi gets close to 2 weeks old, I figured I better sit down and write out her birth story before #mombrain enters full effect. It seems so long ago already, and I can’t believe it has already came and went. I was beyond ready to not be pregnant, and I still can’t believe that I am not anymore! This post is for my own documenting purposes, and I hope that I don’t upset or offend anyone with my story.

So, rewind to about a month ago at my 38 week appointment. I was 3cm dilated and DONE. So uncomfortable, not sleeping, swollen, just ready to have this baby. I asked the midwife casually how long they would let me go over before they would induce me, and she says, “Oh…you have rights you know. Since this isn’t your first baby we can induce you a week early if you would like.” SAY WHAT?! That was music to my ears and just what I wanted to hear. I told her I would talk to my husband and see what he thought, and possibly even pick a day to be induced! What a dream! Lol. So I call Troy and we decide on Thursday, May 25th. That’s a good date. My half birthday, even. So they call me the night before and let me know that I am “on call” (whatever that means) until 10am, and if I don’t hear from them by then to call the hospital. 9:30am rolls around and I get the call! Be here at 10:30! It still didn’t feel real, even as we were walking up to the hospital it didn’t seem real that I was going to have a baby soon.

So by 11:30am I am checked into my room and speaking with the midwives. Pitocin was about to be started, and I chose to hold off on the epidural until things started progressing. I delivered at Mountain Point for those who live in Utah, and I HIGHLY recommend it. I had the best experience there, the hospital is beautiful, the nurses were amazing, and my midwives were awesome. I couldn’t have planned out a better experience. Anyways! Pitocin gets started and it’s pretty uneventful for a 2 hours or so. I think I progressed to a 4, maybe 5, and I was having a good rhythm of contractions, they just weren’t super painful. 3pm hits and I decide to get my epidural so they can break my water. I did not want to feel that! That all goes well, and then about 30 minutes later my blood pressure drops super low. Like 70’s over something. I wasn’t showing any symptoms thankfully, but they wanted to wait to break my water until that came up.

They break my water (they had to do it twice), and it was nothing like I expected. My water broke naturally with Saylor, so that is what I had to compare it to, but I didn’t even know they broke it haha. Epidurals are amazing. Highly recommend. I’m still not progressing as quickly as they’d like, so I’m rolling around and laying with things between my legs to try and get this baby to drop the last little bit.

Then probably around 8:30pm or so, I started getting the feeling! You know, the feeling like you need to poop, haha. I was trying so hard to hold it in because you feel like you have no control over your body and I was nervous about what is was doing. Luckily I didn’t poop, but that meant it was go time! The rest of the time and events are kind of a blur. The midwives and nurse came in and got everything ready to go, were talking to me about what I needed to do and whatnot. Troy was able to put gloves on and actually help deliver the baby which was really cool. Remi Rowe was born at 9:19pm after pushing through only a few contractions. She was able to lay on my chest for a good chunk of time before they took her and cleaned her off, and they delayed the cord clamping. I had such a wonderful experience with my midwives, I would highly recommend looking into having one if you haven’t before! Remi was healthy, so cute, and came out ready to nurse.


She was born COVERED in that white stuff…so weird! Saylor had hardly any so it was new to us.

She seemed so much smaller than Saylor was, even though it was only a few ounces. She wasn’t as swollen as Saylor and didn’t have as much hair. Her features are also smaller. She’s so cute!

Saylor coming to meet Remi is something I’ll never forget. She has been so excited to have a baby sister and was so excited that she was finally “out of my tummy”! She’s been so gentle and loving with her, it is so sweet.

We stayed 2 days in the hospital and went home around lunchtime on Saturday. I was anxious to get home and be in my own bed and space, but I almost didn’t want to leave the hospital, haha.

I am so glad sweet Remi has joined our family, and that Saylor has a sister. I love my little family and am so thankful for my happy and healthy girls!



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  1. Mom and Dad Meacham

    So glad you wrote this all down. We love you all so much and can’t wait to see Remi Rowe in person!

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