Salis Skincare Giveaway!

I may sound repetitive bringing up Salis Skincare again, but I don’t care! When I find a good thing, I need to share it. And Laura has so generously allowed me to give away $75 shop credit to one lucky winner…see my IG on how to enter. Salis offers the best natural skincare products, and they have changed my skin. I went to see Laura back in February for a facial and all around skin consultation. She suggested I use her Lavender and Jasmine Scrub, Blackhead Removal Mask, take Mineral Support, and try and be aware of what foods I eat that may affect my skin.


At 27 years old my skin was by far the worst it had ever been. I struggled with major hormonal acne and was so self conscious. Laura changed my life! Skin (unfortunately) doesn’t change over night, it takes a long time to heal. The pictures below are about 4 months apart. I still could change so many things about my skin if I could, but I am SO HAPPY that it is 80% better than what it was just not that long ago. I feel so vulnerable sharing these pictures, but if I can help someone not be discouraged about their skin, than it is worth it πŸ™‚


Here are some products that I have yet to try, but they are on my list!

hydrogenperoxide-300x300Β Essential Oxygen Hydrogen Peroxide Spray…great for pigmentation and healing. NEED!


Healing Spray Rose…rose water is all the rage right now so I’m definitely interested in giving this a try!

If you are in Utah, GO SEE LAURA! Trust me! Even if you don’t struggle with acne, treat yo’ self to a nice facial. It is nice just to get pampered. Comment on this post with what product you are interested in, or what you are looking for in skincare, for an extra entry (see my Instagram). I truly hope this helps someone and that everyone gives Salis Skincare a try!



25 thoughts on “Salis Skincare Giveaway!

  1. I would love to try the blackhead removal mask and the hydrogen peroxide spray!

  2. The healing rose spray sounds great. I would love to try it. I’ve been hearing a lot about salis lately! I want to try the salt scrub as well.

  3. I really want to try that blackhead removal! Mine are all on my chest & back 😩

  4. Stevani Crowley

    I want to try the blackhead removal mask.

  5. I just got the scrub and hydrogen peroxide and am loving it! I struggle with the same kind of acne as you and it has been so amazing to talk to Laura and get some help!

  6. I LOVE Salis!!! I have been using the salt scrub for a few months and am just blown away by the results. If I were to win your Instagram giveaway I would just buy more of the unscented salt scrub(my fave:)) my Instagram handle is usckt85. Thanks for the chance!:)

  7. I really want to try the blackhead removal and the mask! Thanks for the opportunity to win πŸ™‚

  8. So awesome! I looked over some of the products and would LOVE to try the healing lavender & jasmine spray! I have hormonal acne, and could use a spritz of aphrodisiac in the face! Haha.

  9. These products have really helped me as well, Robyn. I first started using them when I was pregnant and needed something safe for my whacked out hormonal acne. I love the Lavendar Scrub but am dying to get a hydra facial someday.

  10. I would love try the blackhead mask! πŸ’›πŸ’›πŸ’› they are a constant struggle with my skin!

  11. Samantha Jasperson

    I would really love to try out the Mineral Support! Skincare isn’t just about the outside, I think it starts from within. I know for certain that my skin would benefit from a little extra boost and I think the mineral support will do just that!

  12. Amy Christensen

    Would love to do a facial with Laura! I’ve been thinking about it for months. I need her salt scrub and I’d love to hear more about the mineral support also! I’ve got awful hormonal acne and your pictures give me hope. Seriously thanks for sharing, your skin looks great!

  13. I’ve been dying to try the healing rose spray!

  14. I would love the hydrogen peroxide spray and the lavender and jasmine salt scrub!

  15. I’ve recently tried the blackhead mask, and was amazed at the results in just a short time. I would love to try the lavender and jasmine healing spray and the sandlewood salt scrub! πŸ™‚

  16. I would love to try the lavender scrub. I am 19, have terrible acne and have tried everything under the sun. It is so embarrassing I am so inspired after seeing your before and after pictures!!

  17. The lavendar and Jasmine scrub, because I love the smell of jasmine and the hydrogen peroxide spray, because I have some dark spots on my skin after my last pregnancy.

  18. I met with Laura a couple months ago and Salis has changed and improved my skin tremendously! I still want to try the healing sprays, but I live for the scrubs (calendula and the lavender & Jasmine) and the serum as my moisturizer! I seriously feel like I owe Laura a ton and I’m suuuper happy I was introduced to Salis!
    Also, my insta handle is mel29821
    Thanks for the shot at some free product! Your before and after is AMAZING!

  19. I am totally addicted to the lavender jasmine salt scrub, I would love to try ALL salis products eventually…. But at the moment I’ve got myπŸ‘€on the healing spray rose😍

  20. Nice! I would probably try the HP Spray because after having eight babies and kidney disease I have severe hyperpigmentation to the point that I’m embarrassed to leave my house. Nothing in my price range has helped me so far and it’s frustrating!

  21. I love Salis Products. Laura is amazing to have come up with this.

    I’ve been using her products for about a year and they help me so much.

    I love the lavender jasmin scrub, but I would also really like to try the hydrogen Porixide spray when i get a chance

  22. I would love to try the blackhead removal or the jasmine and lavender scrub….fingers crossed for this. . Ig username dpw268

  23. I’m dying to try so many things! The salt scrub for sure (leaning toward vanilla/spearmint) and the hydrogen peroxide spray! I’ve heard a lot about Rose spray so I’d be interested to try that too! I have serious problem skin and have tried everything! I’d love to give this a shot!

  24. Thanks for sharing such great tips. I too struggle with adult acne and it is the worst!! I am dying to try the rose spray and the frankincense oil!! Thanks for the chance to win. My Instagram is sarah_stucki and is private but I will totally approve a request ☺️

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