Collaborations & Influence Sites, Tips & Tricks

***Updated 3/1***

Hi! So I get a lot of questions regarding collaborations and that sort of thing, so I thought I would make a whole blog post about what I have learned, and some influencer sites that I use and my experience with them. I am in no way an expert, but I have enjoyed my experience with some and have gotten fun collaborations, so I wanted to share!


-My first tip is don’t be afraid to reach out to shops and brands that you want to work with. The worst they could say to you is no thank you, so I always say go for it!

-My second tip is to have good photos and post consistently. I am not the best at sticking to a “theme” on Instagram, but I know to others that is really important. I will admit, it is more aesthetically pleasing! I also need to be better about actually blogging. The more you are posting, the more people are seeing you, so you are staying relevant to them. I have heard that at least once a day (on IG) is a good amount. Look up good times to post and hashtags that are geared towards your followers. I have also enjoyed being a part of Instagram commenting “pods”, with other bloggers.

-Also, it is okay to say no to things! I am still learning this, and learning the value of my time, but sometimes you just have to say no thank you. It is hard for me not to get excited over all the collaborations and campaigns available to me, but sometimes things just aren’t worth doing, and that is fine! ALSO, if someone wants you to BUY their product and post about it…no freaking way! Basically you are paying them to advertise for them. That is backwards! Know your worth and value of your time.



Now here are some influencer platforms I am a part of…

Influenster – This is the first influencer type site I started on, even before I was blogging. You don’t need to have a large following, you just need to be active. I have gotten a good amount of really great products from here, and the campaigns are easy. Sign up HERE.

Social Native – I like this one. You have to watch your “dashboard” for when campaigns open so you can apply, and most of the time they are paid opportunities. All of the collabs I have done through this are just a single post on IG, so it is quick and easy. These collabs are based on interaction, so it is perfect for everyone. Sign up HERE. *Updated to add, I am currently choosing not to do as many campaigns with them as I have in the past because they don’t pay as well as other platforms.*

Revfluence – Love this one! I’ve had to put in more work for these campaigns, as most want a blog post & IG post, but I have gotten paid more also. I think the more followers/readers you have, the more companies are open for collaborating with. Sign up HERE. *Updated to add, this is my current favorite! They have really awesome brands and some pay really well.*

Heartbeat – This one is fine. I am not really sure what they base their collabs off of, but I have gotten more free products than payment from this one. They have all been simple Instagram posts, so it is easy in that sense. They determine the pay rate for you. Sign up HERE. *Updated to add, I don’t like them, haha. They pay me like $20 a post and that isn’t worth it to me.*

Clever – I actually haven’t done any campaigns through this one yet, but I’m hoping to soon! They seem to have good brands they work with and they pay well. I will update this after I have completed some collabs. Sign up HERE.

Octoly – This is another one that I haven’t used yet, but I am signed up for. I have heard great things about them, and it seems like they work with awesome brands. Their site says you have to have at least 5k followers on Instagram, so keep that in mind. Will report back! Sign up HERE. *Updated…I like them! They don’t pay but I have gotten some awesome products. Definitely recommend.*

Socialix – I am currently in the works with a few companies on this site, and so far I like it fine! Will update and you can sign up HERE.

Cohley – Someone recently introduced this company to me, so I haven’t worked with them yet. They have some good campaign opportunities. Sign up HERE.


Here are a few other platforms that I haven’t tried or I am waiting to be approved on…

Preen.Me – I take that back, I have worked with them once. I am a little confused with their platform and how you get collabs, but I have gotten a bunch of really good Mustela products from them.

Acorn Influence – I have heard this one is amazing, I just haven’t signed up yet.

InfluenceHer Collective



Anyways, there is still so much for me to learn, but I just wanted to share what has worked and been fun for me. If you know of anything else I should look into, let me know!