Easy DIY 2 Ingredient Cloud Dough!

I found something super easy to do with Saylor…and wanted to share! I’m a big fan of “art projects” that call for things I already have at home or in the pantry. That’s why this cloud dough was a no brainer! Here is the recipe I used:

4 cups flour

1/2 cup vegetable oil

optional: a few drops of essential oil for smell

img_2974      img_2977

All you need is a big bowl for mixing. Pour the flour in the bowl, create a crater in the middle, add the oil, and if you choose, the essential oil drops. Start mixing!

img_2978 img_2980 img_2981 img_2984 img_2985 img_2987

Saylor started mixing with a spoon, but as she got more brave, she moved on to using her hands. I found that I needed to add more oil to make it bind together better, so I just eyed it as needed. This is a great sensory activity! Once it was mixed together enough, we dumped it on the counter and she went to town.

Be mindful that this is fairly messy…it’ll get on clothes and because it is a little crumbly, it’ll get everywhere! Clean up is easy, though. 🙂

img_2996 img_2997 img_2998 img_2999 img_3004

The dough will store for a long time in an air tight container…so you can get lots of use out of one batch. You can also double the batch if you want more, or cut it in half if you want less. That’s what I like about these things, is there are no right or wrong way on how to do it!

Let me know if you try it out, and if you add anything fun!



3 thoughts on “Easy DIY 2 Ingredient Cloud Dough!

  1. the fluffy slime looks amazing and easy to use, although, do you have to use saline solution or use contact lense solution with boric acid and sodium borate? thanks xx

    1. Robyn Meacham

      I’m not 100% sure! I just always use basic contact lens solution and it has worked every time. Good luck!

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