Bye Bye Sticky Messes, with Goo Gone

Who else around here has a 3 year old? Or a messy husband (LOL)? Or even is into crafting? If so, I am so excited to share something with you I recently discovered. That’s right, I’m talking about Goo Gone Original Spray Gel.

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Before I get into it, let me remind you that I have been potty training Saylor over the past 3 weeks or so (more on that later!). She has done so well, and she responded well to a reward/bribe system, lol. A major part of that system was STICKERS. Oh, stickers. I sort of hate them. They get on everything, and come off of nothing! Until now! Seriously though, Goo Gone saved some kitchen cabinets at a friends lake house we were staying at over the long weekend.

Saylor found her sticker stash while I was doing who knows what, and found her way into the kitchen and decided it was a good idea to put them on the pretty white cabinets. Luckily I caught her before too much damage was done, but I started feeling anxious when I couldn’t get them off easily or all the way.

IMG_2572      Busted, little one.      IMG_2580

Before the full blown anxiety set it, my sweet husband actually reminded me of something we had brought. Goo Gone! Talk about saving the day. All I had to do was spray a few sprays directly on the sticky mess, and wait a few seconds for it to tackle the mess. I took a paper towel and gently peeled off the remaining stickers, leaving absolutely nothing behind. YES!

IMG_2583                         IMG_2589

This awesome cleaning product works for all sorts of situations! Crayons/markers/glue can be removed from painted walls. Those annoying price tag stickers that come on everything can be removed so easily! For those of you who don’t know, my husband and I own a carpet cleaning business and Troy uses Goo Gone for a lot of different things, too! For example, like helping to remove things like gum, ink, or oil out of carpet! This really is a product that every household should have.

Do not use Goo Gone on silk, leather, suede, rubber, faux stainless steel, drywall, unfinished wood surfaces, or unsealed stone.904eec0f-f311-476b-a262-440135968f3a_1.7f152409c4535950e722e6539c8ca509

Have you had any sticky, gooey, yucky messes you have had to deal with lately? Do you use or have you thought about using Goo Gone Spray Gel?  Next time you deal with such, I hope you reach for your bottle, like you know I will be! You don’t have anything to lose 🙂  #GooGone #sponsored #ad












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  1. Mom and I were literally looking for GG to get some stickers off of lamps I bought. I’m gonna try this now.

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