Fool Proof Summer Hair Ideas for your Littles!

If you are like me, you aren’t exactly skilled in the hair department. I have about 2 looks that I rotate for Saylor. And if you have a daughter who is like mine, almost 3 and still doesn’t have long enough hair for one pony tail…this post is for YOU! I experimented with 3 different looks, styles that leave no hair down because it is hot has Haiti here. These are particularly easy, and don’t take more than 5 minutes!

The first is a 3 pony mohawk. Cute and seriously so easy! This one was Saylor’s favorite. All you have to do is divide the hair into 3 horizontal sections, and pony them! Easy, and as cute, as pie.

 IMG_1666 That face, though…haha.

For the second look, all you have to do is join the 3 ponytails from the look above. Instead of keeping each ponytail out as you create a new one, simply add it to your new one.


For the last look, start off with a pony on top using about 1/3 of the hair. Then separate the pony in half and create pigtails with the rest of the hair. I’m telling you, you guys, these are SO SIMPLE!


If you didn’t notice, all 3 of these looks are based off of a single pony on the top of the head. I like to keep Saylor’s hair out of her face as much as possible, especially in the summer when it is so hot. I hope you guys give these a try and let me know what you think!



IMG_1656 IMG_1673 IMG_1663