Preggo Leggings aka The Best Leggings Ever

It was a sad day once my favorite pair of leggings started being too small for maternity leggings. Not long after that life crisis happened, I discovered Preggo Leggings. And they honestly saved my life because I live in leggings! The ones I love and live in are these basic black Mom’s Night Out black leggings with a full belly panel. I wear a small/medium and they are the perfect size and length, and totally not see through! They are hands down the best maternity leggings ever.


What I also like about these maternity leggings is that they are stretchy and slightly tight, but don’t suffocate me! That is so necessary for me while pregnant. The belly panel is super stretchy and has plenty of room to grow into! I also like these cute maternity olive moto jeans.


Now let’s talk about my cute shoes. I’m all about comfort these days, and these tennis shoes I found for SO cheap need to be in your closet NOW.  If you follow any shops on IG, you have seen these around like crazy, and can plan on paying $30+.  I found them on Amazon for significantly less (you’re welcome), but unfortunately black is sold out. Shop these cute shoes now (link below), and you won’t regret it! They run true to size for me. The brand is Qupid and they have a ton of other shoes for cheap too, so look around some!


Sweater (fit is slightly oversized)


Hope you’re having a good Monday!



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