Maternity Style with PinkBlush

Hi! Happy Sunday! I hope you all have had a nice, relaxing day thus far. Let’s talk about maternity wear. For starters I should probably admit that my “pregnancy style” has consisted of leggings, oversized sweatshirts, and Uggs. I’m not kidding, LOL! I should probably be embarrassed, but it’s so cold here and with my growing belly nothing fits right anymore. At least on Sunday’s I try to give my favorite leggings a break, and wear something more stylish.

If you are pregnant, or have been pregnant recently, I’m sure you have heard of Pink Blush Maternity. They are a company that brings us affordable, comfortable, and cute clothes. I recently got this floral maxi dress from them, and I’m in love! I’ve never been a big fan of maxi dresses on me, being tall and whatnot, I felt like they never looked right on me. But when I’m pregnant that all changes haha. My dress is about 2″ longer than some of the other maxi dresses out there, so I jumped on it and I’m glad I did. I will also be able to wear it while nursing, yay.


Here are a couple of my other favorite things right now:

 This lacey number is so pretty.

 I love this blue color, but this maxi dress comes in many colors.

 I love the scalloped hem on this one!

 I really like the shimmer on this one.

 And I love the chiffon sleeves on this one!

If you follow me on IG (and if you don’t, you should @robynmeacham), then you are here for the giveaway. For an extra 3 entries, head to Pink Blush and leave me a comment on what piece of clothing you would buy if you won!  Remember Pink Blush for all your cute pregnancy clothing needs!



PS see my dress HERE

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12 thoughts on “Maternity Style with PinkBlush

  1. I adore all the maternity clothes.
    It’s so hard to find something, that’s reasonably priced. I love the dress your wearing in your post. And the ‘Blue Crochet Top Floral Chiffon Bottom Maternity Maxi Dress’ I’ve been searching everywhere for a maternity maxi dress.

  2. I love the pink lace dress! For fitted and pretty ☺️👍🏼👍🏼

  3. I love your IG page!! I would choose the basic jade chiffon dress or the aqua floral maxi! But there is so much to choose from. It’s all beautiful!

  4. This floral maxi would actually be exactly what I’d get! All my knee length maternity dresses are now too short and I love that this can transition to be used after baby!

  5. Hi Robyn! You look gorgeous in your dress! I am now three and a half months pregnant and I know I would love the beautiful lace dress. I think I would like it in the pretty blue since I’m having a boy!

  6. Alicia (ciamass)

    Navy floral cut out dress!

  7. McKenzie Cherrington

    You are the cutest!! I love your tiny bump! I love the striped Maeve 3/4 sleeve dress! They have so much to love! Tagged friends on Instagram as @mckenzieryan 💕

  8. You look super adorable in your dress! I recently found out I’m pregnant number 2 and I would love to get the casual navy blue tank dress or the ivory floral 3/4 sleeve dress!

  9. Thomasina Archer

    I’m so terrible at making decisions! I love all of the floral maxi dresses and the bell sleeve chiffon dresses! I would have no trouble spending that gift card if I won! I love everything! I have 3 boys and am due with a girl in June! So excited! Thanks for the chance!

  10. I think the navy maxi dress is so pretty. id love to get that one

  11. I would absolutely love the light peach polkadot dress! Man that was hard lol

  12. Definitely the Magenta Fitted Floral dress. I love their stuff and purchased a few items during my first pregnancy. Trying for the next one soon and will love to add more pieces to my wardrobe!

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